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Solo Exhibitions

2012 Demanding Reflection, Asking for Responsibility, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 Demanding Reflection, Asking for Responsibility, Gallery TN, Beijing, China
2008 God’s World, Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions

2012 Cynical Resistance, Nieuw Dakota and Canvas International Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012 Now! Korea! China! 2012!, Gallery TN, Beijing, China
2011 Gwangju Korea and Beijing China International Exchange Exhibition, A+A+ Art Center, Beijing, China
2011 Point, Line, Connection, One, All, Nothing, Shong Zhuang Art Center, Beijng, China
2010 Overcross, Sunshine International Museum, Beijing, China

He was born in a peasant family of Jeollanam-do of South Korea in 1959.

He moved to Kwangju with his family in 1965 in the process of social industrialization of South Korea

He studied at a primary school of Kwangju from 1966 to 1971.

He remained faithful to friends and was rebellious. He had bad record in the school. But he did not care such record.
He showed his genius in art.

He began his study at a middle school of Kwangju in 1972.

He began to smoke, which implies the unconscious behavior of regarding violence and fight as the mechanism of self-existence.
He also knew the ugly of his appearance.

He studied at a higher middle school of Kwangju from 1975 to 1977.

He showed more and more interest in art. He entered the fine art class and began his art study. But his school performance was not good.

From 1978 to 1981, he took university entrance examination after several failures.

After reading the Preface of Life of Yu Zhihuan, he was crazy about Nietzsche and Mahā-prajńāpāramitā-hrdaya-sūtra.
He decided to become an philosophical artist.

In the Gwangju Democratization Movement of 1980, he was arrested and then suffered cruel torture. He saw through the brutal violence of gigantic organization after viewing that many kindhearted people were put in the wild condition by the violence people. He deeply thought over the nature of the value system he once yearned.

In 1992, he was awarded the Credit Prize of 5.18 Gwargju Democratization Movement.

In 1981, he began the training in the army after the entrance into Department of Fine Arts of Normal College of Chonnam National University. He issued the declaration of Neither North or South in the army and then made the event of firearms. He was detained by military police and spent six months in a mental hospital, during which he experience the serious mental depression.

From 1983 to 1987, he studied in the university. His mental examination in the university showed that he was good.
During the university, he showed great interest in geography and traveled around the country.
He studied hard. Although his score was not very good, many people thought that he was a genius youth artist.

From 1988 to 1989, he established a traveling theatrical troupe. Zhao Tinglai and Ren Xuanyong sponsored the commemorative performance of the establishment of the troupe when Zhao Tinglai was about to publish the third part of Taibai Mountain. With the subject of the outlaw, Zhao Shiheng, raving the suicide of Zhi Guangxian for being judged guilty because of his lack of money, we created the revue of No Guilty with Money, Guilty with No Money and performed two times.

He acted as art teacher in 1989, but he resigned after six months because of the boring of the job.

From 1990 to 2002, he was engaged in the business of architecture, restaurant, Internet bar, hospital, and etc.

He was faced a court battle when engaged in the business of plastic surgery hospital and computer advertisement company.
He was detained for scolding the judge, and his business was bankrupt.

He opened a studio at Beijing Huantie Art Zone in 2006 and began his art career.